Top 10 DJ Headphones

Top 10 DJ Headphones

Some DJs prefer only getting the best DJ headphones with the highest price tag, others look past the brand and settle for viable cheaper solutions. Listing the top 10 DJ headphones is difficult because there isn’t that much that a DJ really needs from their headphones.

For this reason, we would like to propose the top 5 DJ headphones on the cheaper side first, then the top 5 DJ headphones with a higher price tag, all in one top 10 list. Factors such as frequency ranges, sound drivers, volume, comfort, and durability were all taken into account.

10. Philips SHL3160BK/27 Headphones

Arguably the most critically acclaimed pair of budget DJ headphones, the Philips SHL headphones should be the top pick for a DJ who doesn’t want to spend that much money on headphones. After all, they offer the basic essentials: adjustable ear cups, soft ear cushions, and compactible design.

The price, great reviews, and overall bang for your buck qualify these headphones as a great potential choice for DJs. Think of it this way: you could buy 20 pairs of these headphones for the price of some the best DJ headphones.

Price $
Headphone jack 1/8” (no 1/4” adapter)

9. AKG Pro Audio K67 Tiesto

Named after DJ Tiesto, the AKG Pro Audio K67 Tiesto headphones offer 16 to 2400 Hz frequency range, which is impressive given the price tag here. These headphones are a really good bang for your buck.

A couple really useful things about these headphones that make them stand out is that they are flexible, and that they come with an included screw-on 1/4” and 1/8” headphone jack combo. Say goodbye to headphone jack adapters if you use the AKG K67 Tiesto headphones.

Price $
Headphone jack 1/4”,1/8” combo

8. Audio-Technica ATH-M20x

The Audio-Technica ATH-M20x headphones are nothing glamorous by any means, but some DJs prefer headphones on the cheaper side. After all, they’re mainly just for monitoring and cueing tracks, right?

Rest assured, if you decided to grab a pair of these you will have headphones that will last you a long time. Audio-Technica might come across as a weak brand, but in reality it is one of the top DJ headphone producers.

Price $
Headphone jack 1/4”,1/8” adapter included

7. Monster NCredible Npulse

From the same company who used to do the electrical wiring in the Beats by Dre headphones, the Monster NCredible Npulse are a pretty solid choice for DJs on a budget.

These headphones also boast passive noise cancelling technology, which can be handy in the middle of your peak hours. The only noticeable downside to these headphones are reports of them snapping in half, as long as you treat your equipment with respect this shouldn’t be a problem.

Price $$
Headphone jack 1/8” L-shape

6. Sony MDR V55

These headphones might be the perfect balance between price and quality for the DJ with a budget. The Sony MDR V55 DJ headphones offer bass-boosting technology, which will help for efficient cueing of songs that start with a bassline or low-frequency noises.

One thing to note about these headphones is that they are 90% plastic, and as such need to be treated gently for an optimal lifetime of use.

These are our best DJ headphones under $100.

Price $$
Headphone jack 1/8”, 1/4” adapter included

5. SOL REPUBLIC Master Tracks Over-Ear Headphones

Although we typically don’t recommend the SOL brand for headphones, this design is a noteworthy exception since it offers the durability that other SOL headphones typically do not.

Perhaps SOL knew of this stereotype, and might be why this design has a 1,000 day guarantee.

With a metal frame, 3-button control, microphone, and a wide frequency range, these headphones offer a great choice at a reasonable price.

Price $$
Headphone jack 1/8”

4. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

The ATH-M50x is Audio-Technica’s updated version of their masterpiece. The ATH-M50 was one of the top selling headphones in recent years, and this update adds detachable cables.

Professional-quality audio allows for monitoring by DJs and mixing in the recording studio alike. This is the perfect choice for a DJ wanting a nice pair of headphones for a wide-array of uses.

The price is pretty reasonable, too.

Price $$$
Headphone jack 1/8”, 1/4” adapter included

3. Pioneer HDJ-2000

Although a, older model, the Pioneer HDJ-2000 is still a competitor in the modern DJ headphone arena. These headphones offer you the top-quality sound you would expect from Pioneer.

Instead of a massive amount of bass, or treble, these headphones have the reputation of being a nice medium. As long as you don’t want to feel like you have bass pounding on your chest (like the Beats by Dre would provide), this should not be a problem.

Price $$$$
Headphone jack 1/4”,1/8” adapter included

2. V-MODA Crossfade LP

If you want headphones to last through the apocalypse, look no further than the Kevlar reinforced steel frame V-MODA Crossfade LP headphones.

These headphones also have memory foam ear cushions, and top-end sound quality. Add in borderline-indestructibility and it’s no wonder why these are our best DJ headphones under $200.

Price $$$
Headphone jack 1/4”,1/8” adapter included

1. Beats Pro Over-Ear Wired Headphones

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, the Beats by Dre headphones have been making noise throughout the industry since their induction. What makes these headphones stand above the rest is that you can feel like you are in the middle of a nightclub while listening to them.

These headphones are not only for DJs, but can also be used as reference monitors for producers or anybody who creates tracks. Since these headphones are made with an aluminum frame, you can rest comfortably knowing that they are nearly indestructible.

Price $$$$$
Headphone jack 1/4”,1/8” combo


In the end, most of what you will be using your headphones for is cueing up tracks or monitoring your mix. It may be tempting to buy only the most expensive headphones, but this is in many cases unnecessary for a DJ.

Some DJs prefer using cheap headphones, some DJs like the more expensive ones. The top 10 DJ headphones in this article included options for both budget and brand-name buyers.

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